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Creators of Mental Health First Aid--Betty Kitchener (far left) and Anthony Jorm (far right), national trainers Suzanne Clark, Angela Suarez, Rhonda Nelson

Florida Bar approved CLE provider for mental health and substance use, bringing CLE's to your firm or bar association.


from Suzanne's trainings:

Pensacola State College

"Great information presented in a very practical way.  Good opportunity for discussion and practice."

Dept of Children and Families

"This course is excellent!  I hope more people are able to take advantage of this course."

Mental Health First Aid for Lawyers
"I enjoyed the course and the interactive activities.  This was a great CLE!!"
"I learned some new things which I will take with me."
Okaloosa County Health Dept
"I learned some new skills and techniques for dealing with mentally ill."

Goodwill Industries staff

"Very informative and educational!"

Horizons, Ft Walton Beach

"Practical approach to important issues."

Crestview Teen Center

"Very knowledgeable, friendly, and personable!"

Bay County Health Department

"It was fun and a great learning experience!"


Mental Health First Aid is a public education training that rounds out CPR and First Aid, teaching how to help someone in emotional crisis.  Most of us know how to offer initial help to someone who's choking or has broken their leg.  However, do we know how to help someone who's having a panic attack, developing depression, or thinking of suicide?

Mental Health First Aid educates on just that - how to recognize when someone's developing a mental health issue, and how to help.  The training includes:

  • interactive simulations

  • small group activities

  • learning a 5-step action plan

  • signs and symptoms

  • assessing for suicide risk

  • how to talk with someone who is suicidal

  • keeping the person SAFE

  • how to connect with professional help

  • science based effective treatments

  • self help strategies supported by research


Learn this and more in Mental Health First Aid, which has become a worldwide movement-- shifting the way we think about mental health.  


Read more about the research behind this hands on, skills based curriculum, and why it's impactful:


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